Monday, January 16, 2006

I've been tagged

First let me say I've not been quite the blogger I used to be lately due to my life getting busier in general. I'm going to have to come up with a different routine that gives me more time to comment on stuff I read.

In the mean time, and on a lighter note, I've been tagged by Daniel with the following .... survey.

1. Four jobs you've had in your life: construction worker, cafeteria/fast food worker, used record store manager, email server group team lead (for a major university)

2. Four movies you could watch over and over: The Lord of the Rings, Open Range, A Christmas Carol, Undercover Brother (not all-inclusive -- but I don't generally like watching movies over and over, either)

3. Four places you've lived: Santee, CA, Los Angeles, Ca, Brownsburg, IN, rural Missouri (certainly not all-inclusive)

4. Four TV shows you love to watch: The Weather Channel... um... I'm really not a regular TV show watcher. We watch a lot of those home makeover shows. TLC/Discovery type stuff. Don't get me wrong, I watch TV, but I'm not particulary hooked on any particular programs.

Four websites you visit daily: The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, RealClearPolitics, BBC News, Google

6. Four of your favorite foods: So hard to pick just four.... Steak, a good thick beef stew (in the fall/winter), dark chocolate, jumblaya

7. Four places you'd rather be: Anywhere in the Rocky Mountains, a tropical island beach, somewhere where you get more snow in the winter, or overlooking a rocky coastal bluff with lots of crashing waves.

8. Four albums you can't live without: now this is a really tough one. Crosby, Stills, & Nash Box Set would probably be #1. John Denver's Rocky Mountain High. Jerry Garcia Band JGB. And... oh, man, I don't know.... just so I'd have a woman's voice, Bonnie Raitt's Give It Up.

But that's really not a fair question :-)

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