Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Hillary Plantation Flap

I hate to come out at all on her side on this one, but frankly -- her words aren't outrageous.

There is one reason to be outraged, for sure. But if we're up in arms that she used the word "Plantation" in front of a black audience -- well big fat hairy deal. Free speech and all.

Of course, I'm miffed because I believe the comparison is unwarranted, a huge over-reach... probably even an outright lie. But she's entitled to her opinion, and she's entitled to express it. Let's debate on the merits of the arguments, not the semantics.

The only outrage I feel is the double-standard. A democrat uses words like this, and they're just identifying with the people. A republican uses it, and it proves how racist he is.

Calling Hillary "racist" is stooping to their level. Knock it off, will ya? It only hurts our position.

Arguing over the merits of what she said -- we win hands down. Knock of the Ted Kennedy tactics.

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