Friday, January 20, 2006

These people have truly lost it

I keep wondering when these guys will run smack dab into reality.

Well, they do, but they keep insisting that it's all Bush and Rove. These people have spent far too much time watching movies and playing video games.

This thread is something else. There are lots of good comments. It concerns a Daily KOS thread, and some MSM reporters' insinuations, claims, whatever ... that Bush and Rove are behind the latest Bin Laden tape.

There are lots of good comments. Here's a telling one...

Re: Daily Kos'ers - White House Trotting Out Osama For Political
Gain (Score: 1)by Jester on Thursday, 19 January 2006 (13:33:46) EST
I mentioned a while back that I signed up and got a user name and password on dailykos. I posted under the name Viper mostly on the Alito confirmation. I was polite, asked very legitimate questions of the comments left by the moonbats. The only responses I recieved in return were name calling and I was even called a "party shill" by Hunter, a major contributor there.Within 15 minutes my comments and account were deleted.Hows that for free speech? I find that very ironic coming from a group who goes on and on about liberty and civil rights.

Nope, can't have any acoustic padding in that echo chamber. Self-destruction continues unabated.

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