Monday, February 12, 2007

Arnold is F***ing Right

Arnold's Immigration F-Bomb

Is America sick and tired yet of taking everyone else's criticism and apologizing for daring to criticize anyone else? Even if we're criticizing people inside our own borders?

I am.

Hey illegal Latinos (not you Latinos who are here legally and behaving like Americans or guests of America) - if you don't like it, LEAVE!

ah, but "no human being is illegal", right? Cute. Bet I'd be illegal if I snuck into Mexico or Honduras "undocumented". Bet I'd be treated a like the criminal that would make me if I were caught. Get a clue. Something that is against the law is illegal. When you do something that is against the law, you do it ... illegally. It is an illegal action. "Immigration" (used loosely here) is an action. Someone who performs that action is an immigrant. If you performed that action illegally, you are an illegal immigrant. But that's in English. I don't know, maybe it works differently in en Español. Oh, that's right, that would make you an inmigrante ilegal.

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