Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Coulter Nails Libby Hypocrites

Ann on the Scooter Libby circus

... he's on trial for — at worst — misremembering who first told him that future reality show contestant Joseph Wilson was sent on a boondoggle to Niger by his wife, Valerie Plame.


The exact same people who are now demanding prison for Libby for not remembering who told him about Plame are the ones who told us it was perfectly plausible for Bill Clinton to forget that Monica Lewinsky repeatedly performed oral sex on him in the Oval Office. Even if chubby Jewish brunettes aren't your type, be honest: Which of the two events would stand out more in your memory?

That about sums it up, Ann. The whole thing was little more than a perjury fishing expedition in the desperate hope of "proving" that the White House was out-of-control sinister, like they believe it is.

We don't like BushHiltlerCheneyHalliburton. They're Corporate Facist Elitist and "Rich". Unlike HeinzKerry and Billary who give all of their money to the environment and the poor. So we don't like the fact that someone wants to discredit Wilson's report, because it took issue with a piece of evidence that supported an argument for going to war in Iraq. Oh look! Somebody leaked the name of a covert CIA agent in the process! It must have been CheneyHalliburton at the very least, hopefully BushHitler. Then we've nailed him! We'll wave our opposition to the death peanalty for this one!

Ooops. Plame isn't undercover? Well never mind that! Shhhhhhh!!!!!! Just keep shouting the original allegation loudly and often and nobody will notice!!!!! Waaaaah!!!! No crime was committed if she wasn't undercover. Ah, but Libby said he heard it on this date and this person said he heard it earlier than that -- even though it wasn't a crime to say "it" in the first place. It doesn't matter!!!!! He must be lying!!!! Perjury! Perjury! (well we've gotta nail someone to "prove" that the White House is the lying, sinister, Blood-for-Oil HalliburtonCheneyBushHitler place that it is!!!!)

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