Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Operation Baghdad

If you haven't looked at Iraq the Model in a while, I'd recommend going and taking a look. I used to read him a lot. He went into a posting lull for a while.

But he's been back for a while now, and the Iraqi Baghdad resident gives us an inside look at a real person with real fear and real hope.

It's a reminder that "de-escalation" or "re-deployment" would have real consequences for real people, real Iraqis.

If you're a Democrat, I double-urge you to read it.

NPR described yesterday's insurgent attack on an Iraqi/American military post as "brazen", "daring", and "significant". How many US/Iraqi attacks have been described with such heroic modifiers?

Democrats are busy condemning -- condemning this change in strategy as a continuation of the old strategy. They are afraid it might succeed. If it does succeed, they will claim that they forced the change in strategy. This will ring hollow against the backdrop of their non-binding resolution, but the public has a short memory in this "All Anna Nicole Smith, All the Time" day and age. Besides, isn't American Idol on?

Anyway. Go read.

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