Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lindzen on Larry King

The most telling bit in the Larry King Live exchange on AGW:

LINDZEN: I'm saying that we have seen a rate of temperature change that is not outside the range of what the climate does by itself. So --

NYE: You're saying the current rate is consistent with, for example, the ice score records? If that what you're saying, it's about the same speed as the record of the --

LINDZEN: The ice score records, excuse me, have a time resolution of 2,000 years. They couldn't tell you what's going on, on the scale you're talking about.

NYE: I disagree with that statement right there.

LINDZEN: Do you want to make this small wager on it?

KING: Go ahead, Bill.

NYE: I'll bet you a cup of coffee.

LINDZEN: how about a bottle of (INAUDIBLE).

NYE: I don't know what that is.

LINDZEN: Sixty dollars for a bottle of scotch.

NYE: Sure, it sounds fancy.

That's right. Like Paris is so concerned about AGW that it turned off its 650 megawatt decorative lights display for 5 minutes last friday... and then turned them back on ... Bill Nye, the Science Guy is willing to bet Dr. Lindzen of MIT ... a whole cup of coffee ... that the CO2 records in ice core samples are only good to a resolution of 2,000 years.

Lindzen wants to up it to a bottle of scotch. I knew he was my kind of guy.

AGW theory advocated are used to spouting claims without having to support them. We are simply instructed to believe them. When someone tries to hold them to a hard scientific fact, they change the subject.

Just check out the transcript of the show. How often was Lindzen interupted, or were his questions answered with another question that effectively changed the subject?

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