Friday, September 07, 2007

Hiatus, and Fred Thompson

I've taken a break from politics and such for a while. I imagine I'll be back soon. Sometimes you have to put stuff down for a while and go out and live life and do things you need to do and just spend a little less time on ... well, things you've been spending too much time on.

I will say that I was impressed by what Fred Thompson had to say on the Tonight Show. You can criticize him for not being at the debates, but as he points out, what are the debates, really? Best way to put it is to hope for an Aha! soundbyte to either beat your opponent(s) with or hope that some really profound soundbyte slips out of your mouth in 40 seconds or less. He's right.

I think he's dead on about waiting until after Labor Day to "announce" for several reasons, one being tradition, and another being it did let all the early starters beat up on each other a bit. It also puts a little extra focus on him. They've been blathering over each other for months and we all know what they have to say. It makes his voice stand out a little better and that can only help him, especially with his message as clear as it is.

Now at this time, I would say that in the general election, no matter who the Republicans put up against which Democrat, I like any of the Republican candidates more than any of the Democrat candidates. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I am an American and I just call them as I see them.

Right now the Republicans seem to have a set of ideas that is closest to my own of the two, and the Democrats right now seem to have a set of ideas that is uncomfortably far, on the whole, from my own. So uncomfortably far that defeating them is more important to me than my guy winning.

Right now, I'm going to throw behind Fred. I hope he wins. If he doesn't, I hope that none of the Democrat candidates win the general election. And I'll do whatever I can to do my part.

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