Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have a brother who will be performing in a G.K. Chesterton play "The Surprise", that I will be going soon to see.

This is more out of love for my brother than any affinity, or even much knowledge of Chesterton, though due to my brother's fancy I've read a blurb or two.

I went in search of a little more on what the play might be about... and of course, Google continues to work well for such things. I found a basic plot introduction. But I also ran across a Chesterton quote from a 2005 post on the Anchoress' blog that just ... really ... sticks out. Primarily to the "dissent is patriotic" crowd, or those who feel their worth only in the act of protest.

Why do these fools fancy that the soul is only free when it disagrees with the common command? Even the mobs who rise to burn and destroy owe all their granduer and terror, and a sort of authority, not to their anger, but to their agreement. Why should mere disagreement make us feel free?

GK Chesterton - The Surprise

Not bad.

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