Thursday, September 13, 2007

Too Young to Vote

There's this AARP ad out that I wish someone would make a response video (using the same format ... kids saying what they would vote for if they could).

Yup. They're too young to vote. But you'd think, listening to this tripe, that voting age is just an unfortnate technicality. The subliminal message here, of course, is that we are letting our children (The Children!™ ) down if we don't vote for people who not only think government is here to solve all of our problems for us and protect us from illness, and strife, amen. Of course, maybe they're too young to vote because they're not yet mature enough to think things through in light of the complexities of the world and especially of human nature.

How about a video that shows children saying "I'd vote for the candidate who sticks closest to First Principles." "I'd vote for the candidate who is for Liberty and Justice for All". "I'd vote for the candidate who isn't pandering to Socialists for power." Yeah, something along those lines.

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