Friday, September 14, 2007

Leave Brittany Patreus Alone

Got an IM from Morgan this morning, pointing me to a video on Tammy Bruce's blog.

Incidentally, Tammy, I like the shot with the mic and the pistol. The mighty mic and the mighty sword. Plus there's the whole "chick's 'n guns" thing. Works for me.

Anyway, the video is a spoof someone made of the "Leave Brittany Alone" video on YouTube, which, in itself, (I hope) was meant to make fun of Brittany and the Brittanyites.

At first, I really didn't want to say anything about it on my blog, and I went to reply to him in an email.

By the time I was done with the email I decided there was something worthwhile to say in there.... so here it is, as its own post:

Yeah, I'm not so sure about that one, either. My guess is that it was done by some lefty to make fun of those of us who think the "Betray Us" ad was tasteless and indicative of the mindset of that 21% that keeps showing up in polls that opposes anything related to Bush no matter what. It's calling us whiners, which I don't think we are by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. Key word here being "reasonable".

I'd hate to draw any unwarranted attention to it.

Brittany -- well you can probably guess I can't stand Brittany. I will say that those who say she is "out of shape" are wrong. So many women would kill to look like
that. But that's not what I can't stand about Brittany and the Brittanyites. What I can't stand is their blatant self-absorbtion and their narcissistic pride in that same blatant self-absorbtion.

It ain't right. And anyone who gives a rot about what Brittany Spears is doing is, in my book, just feeding the monster. Incidentally, that monster is a whole lot bigger than Brittany. The fact that so many Americans buy into this mindset is disturbing and has a lot to do with what's wrong in this country today. IMHO.

I did, finally, after a few days and after seeing this drag queen video finally go out to see what everyone was talking about and I saw about half of the Brittany MTV Awards video.

My guess is that she's too immature to be a professional, too self-absorbed to be serious about giving her audience (and employer, in this case, MTV) a good performance (of her trashy "art", even) -- and had been partying way too much. She was probably on some depressant drug other than alcohol, and didn't have the energy to put in to her performance. She looked lazy, disinterested, not there at all.

Frankly I don't care if she does drugs or whatever. She can do whatever the heck she wants. She just shouldn't expect to stay in business if she doesn't give her work the priority it needs to keep her in the game.

But she lost me before the performance started with the "lyric" from her "song" "Give Me More"

"It's Brittany, Bitch!"
Click. Buh-bye.

More Patraeus'. Fewer Brittanys.

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