Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dems Tiptoe on Gun Control?

According to this article, there are 300,000 NRA members in the next big state -- Pennsylvania. And on April 16, Obama and Clinton are set to debate in that state, Obama trying to keep his edge, Clinton trying to gain one. It also happens to be the 1 year anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre.

With 42% of households (that would report such a thing) have guns, 54% of Union member households there have them.

Now everybody, and I do mean everybody -- progressives and NRA folks alike, wants the same thing here. That is, the same result. That result would be people don't get killed on a massive scale by people with guns.

The Progressive (therefore, Democratic) point of view is that to solve this you get rid of guns. Now they know they can't do that in one fell swoop, so they don't usually say this out loud (though many have been caught saying just that) -- but they say they want to limit access to guns. Like only "allow" one gun purchase a month, a year... whatever. Ultimate goal being no guns at all. Can't buy this kind of gun. Can't buy that kind of gun. Can't OWN this kind of gun. Can't use that kind of ammo.

But of course what that that translates to in the real world is no legal guns. Just like when liquor was outlawed, there was no legal liquor. But liquor there was and a huge, violent black market developed around it.

You know, kind of like gangs and drugs. Also illegal. Also still a problem. Only people don't usually hold a bag of drugs to your head while they take your wallet or empty your cash register or rape you. Not quite as effective.

So although they don't believe that the result would be only bad people having guns, and good people with nothing to defend themselves against those people -- that's excactly what history and common sense tells us would happen.

This would give the bad guys a huge advantage.

We didn't want shootings at schools, so we banned guns from schools. Guess what? We still have shootings at schools, because criminals, by definition, are willing to break laws. And on top of that, the shootings at schools are much worse now. Because the criminals are confident that nobody at the school will have the ability to stop them. They hold a monopoly on power, which is what it's all about for these mass murderers: A temporary feeling of being all-powerful.

Now pro-second amendment people, the NRA especially included, don't want shootings at schools, either. However, they believe if there are a few regular people around with guns who aren't afraid of being arrested for simply having one ... that should one of these crazed people start cappin' people, he won't get far. And the fact of the matter is far fewer of them will even get started because they will not have that assurance of having a monopoly on power.

In the article Clinton is reported to have said that her father took her hunting and she once shot a duck. (Under sniper fire!)

Queue Suzanna Hupp: "People, the second amendment is not about duck hunting."

Also, in the article, Mrs. I've Never Been Proud of America Until Now Obama is reported to have said that she worries about urban handgun violence but realized while driving in Iowa that she might want a gun for protection in a rural area.

In a rural area???? How about in an urban area, where your need for protection is substantially greater?

Frankly, Mrs. "O", I feel far safer out in rural areas than I do in urban areas. And more people per capita have guns in rural areas.

Think about that!

You wanna take my guns away from me in the city where I am more likely to need them because you think it's spooky in the country where people have guns but rarely shoot each other. What, because there are too many white people? (Hey, they'd level that charge at me if I said I thought I needed protection in the inner city). Or because you feel the police can't protect you out there? Well they already can't, and indeed are under no obligation to -- protect you in urban areas where you need it far more!!!!

How about this? Let the majority of Americans, law abiding, free, self-reliant citizens continue to be allowed to buy however many guns and whatever kinds of guns they like, because the bad guys are gonna do it, too and the good guys deserve to be able to level the playing field*.

That oughtta be in some sort of Bill of Rights somewhere.

Oh that's right. IT IS!!!!!

*And aren't progressives all about level playing fields? The one they're trying to design is vertical!

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