Friday, March 14, 2008

Jet Engine Shark Jump

All this race insanity in the political campaign jumped the shark a long time ago, before the time where if someone [white] uttered the word black

would be the first thing out of somebody else's mouth.

But this article really takes the cake. Apparently Orlando Patterson felt the need to go back and find the biggest great-white (oops) shark he could possibly find and a set of nuclear powered jet-skis and go back and re-film the jumping.

In 3-D.

I couldn't believe anyone actually went this far when I read a reference to the article in another story. So like I'm prone to doing, I went and checked it out.

There it is. And it's not satire. He's serious. And apparently expects us to take him seriously.

He's talking about Hillary's "who do you want to answer the red phone?" commercial.

Orlando says the real message of this commercial is that you wouldn't want a black man answering the phone.

On. What??? Planet??????

I have spent my life studying the pictures and symbols of racism and slavery,
Well, I'd say that probably puts him a little too close to the subject, then. If you look hard enough for signs of something in everything, you will find them whether there's actually anything there or not. [Things I Know #16]

I'm too sure that the Clinton campaign sat up until 4:00am one morning figuring out just excactly how to subtly get the message across that you don't want to vote for Obama because he's black!!!! Patterson's like Paranoid Brother in Undercover Brother.

And they did it by ... showing a sleeping blonde white girl and some vaguely hispanic kids. So.... Clever.

Clearly that meant the President was there to protect them from a black man! Because as we all know, the President primary job is domestic law enforcement. And did we mention there were no black kids? Yeah, it was just like that scene in "Birth of a Nation" where all the black men were lurking in the bushes, only without the black men in the bushes. Yeah. That's it. But they were there, because of what you didn't see. Any black kids in the commercial.

The further in to the story you get, the more awe and wonder you have at the sheer delusion this guy must live under.

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