Monday, March 10, 2008

Some Overdue Whittle-ing

I started reading Whittle's latest (it was posted back in early January) quite some time ago, but got busy near the end of part I and hadn't gotten back to the essay since then. Tonight I've gone back to read the whole thing, and found this distillate of verbage:

Why is it that the fielded military can adopt Boyd’s concept of agility and maneuverability, but the political leadership remains absolutely blind to the fact that this battle may or may not be won on the streets of Baghdad and Fallujah and Ramadi, but it absolutely can be lost on the CBS Evening News? One would think the insurgents would need a multi-billion dollar, worldwide high-tech satellite network to spread their propaganda. But, being the generous people that we are, we have gallantly lent them ours.
Nobody beats Bill. Sums up my thoughts excactly. For all the talk of how many have been killed and how long this war has gone on, how much shorter would it have been and how many fewer lives would have been lost if it were obvious from the beginning that our own fifth column at home were not going to play along with the "insurgents'" game, if they had not been actively rooting for, aiding, and abetting the other side?

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