Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Geraldine Was Right

Link after link on the web today talked about how great Obama's speech was. How he succeeded in overcoming the Reverend Wright controversy.

To be fair, there were probably just as many links to articles saying why it wasn't good enough and why he failed. That may be because I use a news portal that is friendlier to links to articles with less progressive points of view.

But let me put it this way: if it were a white candidate who made the same kinds of remarks about blacks, no speech, no matter how well-crafted, would ever recieve praise outside of the David Duke crowd.

Obama benefits from being [half] black. That's all Ferraro said. She didn't say it was affirimative action (although clearly a lot of white people openly state that they're basically voting for him because he's black and they have been steeped in affirmative action dogma for most of their lives). She said that he benefits in this campaign from being black. That is demonstrably true.

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