Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Like Rain, on Your Wedding Day

Ok, it's nothing like rain on your wedding day because there's nothing ironic about that. Which is kind of ironic that a song called "isn't it ironic" is about a whole bunch of things which aren't ironic at all, but rather mostly just bad luck.

But here we are in the Dem primary at a point where Barack is likely to win the delegate count (quite a bit like an "electoral" vote), while Hillary is likely to win the popular vote. This in the party of the people who blithely state as fact that Bush "Stole" the 2000 election because the otherwise infallible Supreme Court "gave" it to him -- obviously under his direction ... and that's all obvious because, well, his brother was governor of the state where the controversy was.

It is true that Gore won the overall popular U.S. Vote in 2000. It is also true that Bush won the electoral vote count. It's additionally true that Bush won the popular vote in the disputed Florida vote -- even Pravda The New York Times took its head out of Gore's lap long enough to go do their own re-count, and even they concluded that Bush won Florida. But you can't convince the Tantrum-Throwing Wing of the Democrat Party (TTWDP?) of that. You know, the Supreme Court and New York Times are infallible -- except for when they say something the TTWDP disagrees with. Then they're controlled by Bush and his evil capitalistic war-mongering cronies.

But here we are with "disenfranchised" voters ... though this time they're really literally disenfranchised rather than allegedly disenfranchised because of some obviously Jed Bush-induced traffic jam in a district that the TTWDP thought should go Blue -- this time we have a bunch of Democrats in two states whose votes just "don't count" by fiat of the "Democratic" Party. On top of that, we have a candidate, who, by the rules, will win the majority of delegates and therefore the nomination. And another candidate, in the same party, that will likely have more actual real people voting for her. Plus we have two candidates who can claim the mantle of two different identity-politics-sanctioned victim groups.

All of the tantrums the TTWDP have thrown over the past 7 years are coming home to roost in their own party. And there's some reconciliation to be done. Give the nomination to Barack and you've "stolen" the primary because the majority of voters actually voted for the other candidate. Plus it proves America is sexist -- not ready for a female president. Give the nomination to Hillary and America is obviously racist -- and not ready for a black president. Plus you've "stolen" the election because you changed the rules in the middle of the game (which many in the TTWDP argued for in the 2000 POTUS election).

It's like a bunch of four-year-olds who don't like the way the game turned out so they want to change the rules during the game so they get the outcome they want. Which pretty much sums up how it appears to me much of the Democrat constituency wants to run things. Like a bunch of four-year olds who just wanna win.

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