Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wimp Culture

We were watching something on the SciFi Channel the other night... something about a mummy. In the end, the mummy comes to life, and he's buck naked. They fuzzed out his derriere so we wouldn't be offended by any obscenity. Thought it was a little odd, considering all the grotesque stuff they did show. But not out of the ordinary, I suppose.

But the next movie that came on had a scene with three guys smoking cigarettes. Each time the cigarette went up to someone's mouth, the censoring blur spot went over the mouth. The character would take the cigarette (presumably from his mouth - we can't be sure, of course -- we can't figure out just what he did with that cigarette near his face) and then the character would blow smoke out of his mouth -- unfettered once again by blurriness.

Just. Freakin'. Bizzare.

Police with walkie-talkies in the re-release of E.T. Greedo fires a wildly off-target shot at Hans in the re-release of Star Wars.

Hans shot first!!!!

We have become a culture of wimps.

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