Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two Astute Ramirez Cartoons

So today I hear, and I'm not surprised that it's a little, I'm must surprised it's that little... "Big Oil" makes about 8 cents a gallon on gas right now. Who's making a buck or more a gallon? Where are all the profits going? To the dictators that own the oil fields. Ahmadinejad. Chavez. Putin, even.

(update: I forgot to add that federal and most state governments make around twice that... each ... per gallon. I'm not saying we don't need those taxes for roads. I like roads. I kinda take them for granted. But when government is making 3.5 times what the oil companies make per gallon... it should at least make you step back and re-evaluate.)

Well it turns out we have our own oil fields.

For those of you who think Bush and "Big Oil" are responsible for high gas prices, consider the following:

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