Monday, May 05, 2008

Right To Bear Arms in National Parks

If you have not done so, may I encourage you to go fill out a comment form in support of the right to bear arms in our national parks?

I did it.

Here's a link for more information on this.

Here's a link directly to the web form.

Here's what I had to say:

I am a law-abiding U.S. Citizen who has a deep love for our national parks. This idea to set aside land that cannot be developed for the enjoyment of all is one of the greatest ideas our culture has come up with.

I also love this country and my life, and as such I believe my right to keep AND BEAR arms should not be infringed.

Practically by reflexive definition, a criminal is willing to break the law. Outlawing firearms in national parks only serves to keep law-biding citizens like myself from being able to protect ourselves in dangerous situations, be they the rare dangerous wildlife encounter or worse, an encounter with a criminal human being who already plans to ignore laws against assault, robbery, kidnapping or rape and has no qualms about extending that list to carrying a firearm in a national park.

Our national parks are often some of the most remote places in the country -- part of the reason I love to visit them and enjoy nature away from crowds, away from buildings, wires, roads and the other worthwhile but sometimes overbearingly pervasive trappings of modern life. These places are, by their nature, also the farthest away from help.

I am not there to hunt or to damage wildlife or cause a nussiance by firing a firearm. I'd just like the ability to carry a little insurance with me on the odd chance that something might go dreadfully wrong and life or limb is endangered.

Hunting in our national parks is typically illegal. So is murder, rape, and robery. These don't become any less illegal by allowing citizens to bear arms while enjoying these places. Law-abiding citizens understand this and won't do it. Those who will do it will not be deterred by these laws pertaining to firearms. Please repeal laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from carrying any firearm in a National Parks and and other public lands.

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