Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hang on, folks

This bumpy ride is just getting started.

Mubarak vows to stay "until September".

There are no pretty, instant solutions to this one, and I can't say whether this will turn out better or worse than it would have otherwise.   It's down to the 7 levels of barnyard waste, I'm afraid.

It could be good if he's serious about a smooth transition to a constitutionally constrained democratic republic like ours.   But I'm afraid what it really is is that it's hard to give up the reins after 30 years, and he's just hoping everyone'll pipe down while he shores up his position and then coasts along until the next uprising.

If that's the case it's just going to piss a lot of people off even more.  And that could get ugly.

I could be wrong.  I hope I'm wrong.

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