Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rally In Support of Gov. Walker

Tea Partiers in Jefferson City.  Sorry about the bad stitch.
I headed down to Jefferson City late this morning to rendesvouz with other Tea Partiers who had organized a Counter Rally to MoveOn et. al.'s rally in support of the unions at our State Capitol.   Bit of a counter-rally to theirs on our part.  They're not the only people who have something to say on the subject.

I don't know ... maybe 150 people, total on our side by the time everyone showed up.  I think they may have had a little more on the other side.  200 or so.  They were packed in tighter by the war memorial.  We were kind of spread out and diffuse.

One of the more amusing things is that we had the "good" side of the Capitol, the south lawn, and a decent sound system.  So several of the union supporters came to our side first thinking it was their rally.  They quickly figured it out with the smattering of Gadsden flags and T.E.A. hats (made to look like D.E.A. hats).  "Tyranny Eradication Association", I think Diane said.

Infiltrators?  Or just a couple of nuts
there on their own?  Some of ours
went over to make it clear they weren't
with us.
 Another man from her Tea Party group had been around to the other side before I had and ran into some guys unfurilng a "9/11 Was an Inside Job" banner.   He said he didn't want to be anywhere near that sign and came back around to our side.  But after a while two guys came around the sidewalk with it, and several of our guys went over there with "Imposter", "Not with us" signs and blocked the sign from view as they made their way around the south sidewalk.   I assumed they were infiltrators sent from the union side at first, but I'm not so sure now.  I went to the union side to shoot a few photos and saw them making their way around the sidewalk on that side. 

They may have just been a couple of sincere idiots there on their own.

The speakers had some good things to say.  Kept it brief and interesting.  I got to meet James Hoft (The Gatweay Pundit  -- his post on the event is here) and RK Martin from St. Louis TEA Party.  Saw Diane, Sonia, Phil, and a couple of others from ours and the California Tea Party.

Good showing.  I think we made our point.

Union rally is below.

Union Supporters on the north side of the Capitol.

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