Tuesday, February 08, 2011

On the "Racist" Charge

Many of us on the right are often left scratching our heads as to why every idea the right is for or against is regarded as "proof" of the alleged racist nature of the right.

Well, apparently there is a time to every purpose under heaven, for because Gagdad Bob caught the flu, he resorted to posting some older posts to which I hadn't been privvy and generally getting off-track on his forray through Dante's Inferno.  Gave him time to finish a book on the fall of the Third Reich, and in talking about that, I think he unearthed the root of the problem.
The concept is especially difficult for normal (non-leftist) Americans to comprehend, being that we are the first nation explicitly created around abstract and universal principles instead of more primitive modes of blood, soil, mythology, etc. But here again, we can see how the modern doctrine of multiculturalism is in reality a quite primitive reversion back to earlier ways of life. Multiculturalism is specifically a rejection of American principles, what with its obsession with blood and race instead of ideas. This is why when you criticize Obama's ideas, they accuse you of being a racist.
Go RTWT.  It is in the context of forrays into Social Darwinism and its offshoots, Progressivism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and of course, Naziism.

For Americans -- and for Christians -- "essence" is in the individual. That is, we are created in the image of God, so that our deepest personal essence partakes of divinity. But for the volkists -- and for the multicultural left -- essence is in the group: "Volk is a much more comprehensive term than 'people,' for to German thinkers ever since the birth of German romanticism in the late eighteenth century, Volk signified the union of a group of people with a transcendental 'essence.' This 'essence' might be called 'nature,' or 'cosmos' or 'mythos,' but in each instance it was fused to man's innermost nature and represented the source of his creativity, his depth of feeling, his individuality and his unity with other members of the Volk. The essential element here is the linking of the human soul with its natural surroundings, with the 'essence' of nature."
Seriously, does that not open up a serendiptiously placed window of perspective on what we observe on the Left?

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