Monday, February 07, 2011

Paul Krugman joins the "Egypt was caused by Global Warming" bandwagon

Paul Krugman is alarmed.

There are floods and droughts and severe snowstorms, and hurricanes, to boot! The sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, causing blinding light and deep darkness.  Of course this causes sunburns and deadly automobile accidents.

And these are exactly the things we'd expect to see with rising greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere.

He has also tied American "right-wingers" in with the Chinese government in that they both blame rising prices on loose American monetary policies.

One would think that when Communists and their arch-enemies the right-wingers agree on something in the economic realm, one might take a closer look at what it is they agree on.  Good chance that's a significant intersection.

But no, it runs counter to the Progressive narrative.   Man is destroying the earth and Government MUST stop it, no matter how much we have to spend -- and that won't have any effect on prices.  It will SAVE us money, no doubt, just like covering 45 Million new people with health-insurance by crippling businesses with policies that make it too expensive to hire people will.

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