Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Baby It's Time We Got Back, To the Basics ...

Been out a while.  Off the grid, for the most part.  WAAAAY off the grid.   Even stopped by a place that is most famous for being nowhere.  We were visiting family down in Texas Hill Country, and I couldn't go there without stopping by to say "hi" to Waylon and Willie and the Boys.

Now I need a little time to catch up on what's been going on outside in the big "out there", and see if I feel like there's anything I need to add or point out.   Mean time, good to be back.  32 hours driving in 6 days' time is enough.

Next time I leave I might oughtta let jeffmon know so mebbe he could pipe up and say "hey" while I'm out ... but ... you know, like Severian, I guess this is my way of saying "SNUL".  Which is less of a "sorry" and more of a "yeah, I'm still alive" when I say it.   Just thought I'd bring that up in case Morgan started gettin' an idea to put out some snul baits and finish 'em off.

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