Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plugging on

I've been a bit detached from the political world, only skimming RCP and House of Eratosthenes.  Need to check my good friend Severian's blog, too.   Life has been hectic.   To throw another monkey wrench into things (though it's a much bigger problem for her than it is for us) my mother in law got a bad eye infection the weekend after the housefire and required 24 hour care there by my wife for a while.  She still needs a lot of attention.

One thing I was going to mention for some reason we got this catalog in the mail, Northern Sun - Products for Progressives since 1979.  

Now... I'll go out on a limb and say this is because we supported NPR for about 18 years and used to order out of Wireless and Signals.    Now I have my hippe tendencies... big Grateful Dead fan.  Love Santana.  Used to wear a lot of Tie Die.  Read a lot of Alan Watts (and even contributed to a movie made about him this year to get it made.)    But clearly, my libertarian leanings put me on the right side of the political spectrum these days, and I do have strong sympathies with much of social conservatism  as well.

Mostly T-Shirts, bumperstickers, and posters.  Some of which are actually pretty cool. Some of which are begnign.  Some of which are dangerously simplistic.   Some of which sound quite profound but actually say nothing at all. And others of which ... they would consider downright mean if they were aimed at someone other than Christians. 

There's a T-Rex eating a Christian Symbol fish.  The ubiquitous Che.   COEXIST crap.  Various platitudes about Peace (don't get me wrong, I like peace and all ... just on my terms).  Ho hum, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention" (ever get the feeling that they should add "to me" to the end of that?)   ... Oh, how about this one ... "I'm already against the next war." 

And then the fun ones.  A spoof on the Fox News logo "News for Dumb FUX".    Picture of Palin or Beck with "Shut the Hell Up" over it.   Walmart bashing.  Ha Ha, Ho Ho, "I'm a Marxist" shirts (Marxists have no class, pictures of the Marx bros "Sure I'm a Marxist") --- "Where's Robin Hood When We Need Him"?   A "Mad Tea Party" Alice in Wonderland spoof with all the Left's favorite people to hate.   A whole calendar of Sarah Palin bashing.   Witches date books.

Anyway, just thought that was kind of an interesting peek behind the curtain.


Severian said...

Ever notice how the party of "smart," "caring," "open-minded" people is actually shallow, dumb, conformist to a fault, and nasty as all get out? In any context other than politics, that level of delusion would be a diagnosable DSM-IV disorder.

PS the Severian blog is no more. Too much crap going on in the real world to post anything for many moons. I'll try to take it back up when things calm down in a few months/years.

philmon said...

Sorry to hear about the non-blogging, but as you can see, I perfectly understand. Life has gotten hectic for me. In training all week at work, trying to get decisions made about re-doing the burnt house, fixing things up around my Son & Daughter-in-Law's house while we're here to do it... holidays. Stress (not from the holidays, but from the situation). I need to keep plugging away, like I said. I don't want to fall out of the habit. Writing things out makes me think more clearly. It's good for me.