Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Caning of Cain

Scott Ott, on the caning of Cain.
'Journalists' Slam Cain First, Ask Questions Later
"Politico.com rocks the Republican Presidential primary race with allegations from two unnamed women that back in the 1990's Cain made un-quoted, unwelcomed remarks and non-specific, non-sexual gestures.  The anonymous women were so uncomfortable, they quit the National Restaurant Association where Cain was then executive Director.   Several Association Board Members contacted by Politico said they'd never heard those claims and couldn't imagine Cain behaving inappropriately toward anyone.   Later Cain said the women had made allegations which were proven false.  But before his denial, hundreds of news outlets immediately ran the Politico story, to avoid the embarrasment of waiting until they could document and corroborate the evidence.  After all, nothing's more damning to a news organization than being labeled as a heel-dragging fact-monger."


Severian said...

Shocking!! It's like the guy's a Republican presidential candidate or something. :)

Anyone who doubts liberal media bias must live in a cave three out of every four years, emerging only in a Democratic president's first year of office.

philmon said...

Well, you know, it's the old Clarence Thomas problem. Here you have a black conservative gaining serious traction, and "he must be stopped".

So haul out the "Uncle Tom" card, and if that doesn't work, drag out the sexual harassment charges.