Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here in Asia

A conservative does this, he/she is an idiot, obviously unfit to hold the office of President of the 57+2 states.

But Hawaii is "here in Asia" from Obama? Nope, he's still Teh Messiah.

And you're a racist for even noticing.


Cylar said...

Do I even need to mention what the reaction would be, had Bush gone around saying things like this?

JugEars here probably bowed and scraped before the native Hawaiian community leaders, too...

tim said...

What’s even more curious than his continual gaffes are the fact he never catches himself, I mean we all screw up but usually correct ourselves. But Barry…nope…only leads one to conclude he actually believes the incorrect crap that comes out his piehole.

And…is it unreasonable to also conclude from that that he’s very comfortable lying his freakin’ ass off…constantly?