Monday, November 05, 2007

Redefining Reality

I was just over commenting on this post on Morgan's blog, the House of Eratosthenes.

And it reminded me of this post by yours truly a few days ago and the fact that there's more to the story. There's a bigger picture here.

The real big picture is that Newspeak is, in fact on our doorstep.

Words are being substituted for others in a systematic way, vocabulary is being reduced in an attempt to subvert and eliminate critical thinking. Analysis is reserved for an elite group of official spokespeople.

"Racist" was being extended to include any action or thought against any non-caucasian individual rather than what the original definition was. It has even been extended to religions... which aren't races at all.

When thinking people woke up and began to call the progressives on this, they have actually attempted in more than one case to formally re-define racism so that only "whites" can be racist. They even went so far as to specificy that in the definition, and include in the definition the blatantly racist statement that all whites are racist.

Similar things have been done with sexism and bias against sexual orientation.

Everyone agrees racism is bad. By re-defining racism to include anything which progressives don't like that has anything to do with anyone from a country, culture, religion... or actual race that isn't of caucasian and Christian cultural lineage, progressives daily bludgeon the culture that made America great. Even to the extent that this very culture being bludgeoned has evloved from it's own basic principles to reject prejudices against race, sex, and peaceful religions and cultures appears to be bludgeoning itself in some sort of bizzare, medieval penitent ritual of self-flagellation. It condemns one thing while the progressives have re-defined it to reflexively include classic Western Civilization itself and all it stands for.

And while this is going on, Newspeak version 2 is already in development. Eventually, "sexism", "racism" and any other such "-ism" is on track to be replaced by one word.


We're off to a flying start on our way to "ungood".

Just listen. Read a progressive blog or progressive trolls in the comments of conservative blogs or news stories that lay out a conservative argument. "Hate". It's becoming ubiquitous.

All who know me know I am not a conspiracy theorist. I'm actually a conspiracy skeptic. I'm not saying there's a grand, top-down orchestrated conspiracy to do this. Rather, it is being done out of political convenience by many groups that share some similar goals. It is a useful tool to their aims and ends, and they probably use it independently. It is a tool used to obfuscate the issues so that people can be told what to think by defining the language they must use, and re-defining any language their opponents use to mean what they, under the various sub camps under the progressive banner, want it to mean.

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