Friday, January 25, 2008

Bush Derangement Syndrome - Diagnosis and Treatment


Victims are prone to blurting out derogatory, over-the-top condemnations of Bush (and/or Cheney and Rove in more virulent strains) in emotional, often tourrete-syndrome-like outbursts. They typically seek affirmation of their proclamations, but the soothing effect is fleeting. Liberals are more succeptible than the rest of the general population, especially if they are partisan Democrats.

Examples: "Bush Lied", "Bush=Hitler", "George Bush can just drop dead", "Bush wants to establish a Christian government", "Bush doesn't care about black people", "Bush caused Katrina", and "Bush Knew". These are just a few examples which barely scratch the surface.


Regular bathing in the world of fact, particularly those pertainent to percieved transgressions by the Bush administration. This is not a guaranteed cure as many are impervious to facts and cling to a world ruled by emotion. However, this is likely the only effective treatment. Thus it should be at least tried.

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