Sunday, December 20, 2009

You'll Take it, and You'll LIKE It!

So, over 61% are against the currently circulating and constantly morphing collection of mumbo jumbo called "Teh Health Care Bill".

And Pelosi said (according to the article that prompted this post) : Pelosi said she wouldn't change course on health care just because Americans are turning against the plan. (my emphasis)

In other words, we don't represent you, we represent the Democratic party -- as it looks at this as some major accomplishment and advancement -- a necessary progression -- in "our" society that they've been trying to push through for 100 years.
But her members aren't so cocky. Reports circulated last week that a half-dozen Democratic representatives from swing districts are considering retiring rather than explain to voters why they helped push the country so far to the left.
Then don't do it!!!!  B'Jezuz!  Have you no conscience?!  Or have there been death threats from party leaders?????

The article also says: 
Schauer of Battle Creek and Peters of Bloomfield Township serve constituents who aren't used to their representatives saluting San Francisco-style big government policies.

Pelosi is freeing a number of these at-risk members to cast votes that will play better in their districts -- but not enough of them to place passage of her priorities in jeopardy.
What is this?  Why should one Senator have any power to dictate how any other Senator votes?  Isn't that an obnoxious corruption of the system?  You elect someone, and yet someone else from another district, another state, gets to tell them how they will vote.

We are so far away from the Constitution it is truly frightening.  I hope to God a backlash next November will be enough.  I fear it may be too late.  But backlash we shall!!!

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