Friday, August 03, 2012

Sick and Tired

Morgan, on HKB
... is sick and tired of seeing things justified, that otherwise would not be, "because there is still racism/sexism/bigotry out there." 
Like, freakin' DUH there is. There always will be. There is any kind of opinion you'd care to imagine "out there." There are people "out there" who eat their own poop.
If it wouldn't make sense in some mythical Nirvana-land in a snowglobe, in which the racism and bigotry has been somehow eradicated...then, it doesn't make sense any other time either, in any other world. And, my experience is, whenever I hear this dumb phrase I'm probably going to end up collecting yet another example of racists-calling-non-racists-racists. 
Just stop insulting my intelligence.
Which brings me to this.  What is the difference between Obama saying that he believes, as a Christian that marriage is between one man and one woman and Mr. Cathy believing marriage is between one man and one woman?

I mean, to a liberal.

I'll tell you what the difference is.  The difference is that THE LIBERAL KNEW OBAMA WAS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH, AND DIDN'T CARE!!!!!

About that, what else do they know he's lying through is teeth about and don't care, and will attack you for saying he doesn't mean what he says?

Like, for instance, I say Obama is a Marxist.  I base it on his collectivist rhetoric, and the fact that he was born to Marxists, raised by Marxists, influenced by his Marxist relatives' Marxist friends, and sought out Marxists in college (read his autobiography for Chrissakes).  He worked for Marxist ACORN as a Marxist Community Organizer, and joined the Marxist "New Party".

But no, he hasn't said on public record that he is, in fact, a "Marxist", and he has said he supports the free market, which Marxists don't ... so therefore we can't call him a Marxist. It's just a "dog-whistle" word for  "black", according to the left.  Frankly, I think "dog-whistle" is a "dog-whistle" word for the Left that means "hey, I'm just pulling this shit out of my ass, but go with it because it makes the other guy look bad if people buy it."

But, you see, just as Obama told us that he believes that marriage is between one man and one woman, and so hey, he's on your side ... he also told us he values free markets.  Or made some such noise in support of it.  Or he wouldn't have been elected.

Or he wouldn't have been elected.

He'll say anything, if it gets him elected.  Then he just goes and does what he wants.  You cannot trust such a man.

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Whitehawk said...

It's like an unspoken assumption that Dems have the liberty to lie. It fits with every other philosophy they live by. Rules like the truth are too restrictive. Too square.

Let's face it that's why we haven't had a budget in what 2, 3 years. No budget, can't hold us to anything. Any question as to any particular item being in the budget? Did you want it in there? Yes? Well then, yes it's in there. You want that cut? Well, yes we cut that.

Candidates throw out positions on both sides of an issue to give there beneficiaries some soundbite to cling to. (Whichever one they prefer.)

And there is an accompanying incredulity for those who make any suggestion of accountability. "What? You obviously don't know how this works."

What a breath of fresh air W was. Didn't agree with all he did but there was no double speak.