Monday, September 27, 2004


Read an editorial in the paper yesterday by one of our local Professors decrying "Pious Politicians Using Abortion to Manipulate Women".

I am a fan of Jefferson and Paine, who she starts out her article with -- establishing their view that a Creator's works could be understood through reason. Hear here.

Then she goes on to paint all who are opposed to abortion in any way as relgious fundamentalists and goes on about how dangerous they are. I agree that religious fundamentalism can be and is often dangerous.

Now I am by no means a religous fundamentalist. I hardly fit the profile. But since I can see the valid points that the pro-life movement has, I sypmpathize with the fact that they can't even get anyone to acknowledge their valid moral points. Feminist fundamentalism therefore would lump me in as a religious fundamentalist.

She proclaimed that:

"fundamentalists do not have a monopoly on truth; they do, however, have one on self-righteousness."

I found her whole dissertation quite pious and self-righteous in and of itself.

What really got me was this statement, and it's what motivated me to write this article in the first place.
"... the abortion issue has never really been about fetuses. It is about keeping women in subordinate positions in accordance with religious fundamentalist ideology. "

Say what?

Doest I hear a tinge of dogma in there myself? I haven't been to any rallies, but I'm pretty sure if you ask anyone who is against abortion in any way they'll tell you that it is definitely about the fetuses. But apparently this lady knows better what their true agenda is than they do. Of course men don't have any right to speak on (I mean against) abortion because they can't get pregnant and they are the opressors. Women who speak against abortion are obviously religious fundamentalists and their opinions obviously don't matter. However, this pro-abortionist has no problem directly contradicting what anti-abortionists say is their motivation. Clearly, she's not one of them, so how could she possibly be qualified to speak on the subject of "what they're about"? She has read what her Women's Studies experts (clergy) who are pro-abortion have to say on the subject, and they are above question. Who will challenge her on this? Well, somebody needs to.

This kind of feminism is, in essence, its own religion with its own dogma. The priests and priestesses are the professors and authors of the books. Their churches are rallies and books, and sermons are often written in the papers.

I love women. I get along with them much better than I do with most men. I indeed do subscribe to "the radical idea that women are people, too" (to quote a feminist bumpersticker). But without even taking sides on the issue, I've really got to draw the line when someone suggests that to the anti-abortionists the issue was never the fetuses. It's so blatantly false and yet I'm sure she fervently believes it. Whether or not you think it should be legal, that's the most outrageous line I've ever heard on the subject. It's also straight out of the feminist fundamentalist bible.

The shift in focus is necessary to the apparent strategy of pro-abortionists. If it's not about the fetus, then the moral issue is solely about women's rights. If the two sides on the issue want to get any closer on any sort of compromise, the anti-abortionists have to talk about the womens' issues, and the pro-abortionists are going to have to acknowledge that there are valid moral questions to be addressed surrounding the rights of developing human beings.

Religions teach that murder and stealing and lying are bad, and yet murder and larceny and pergury are all against the law -- nobody cries about religious fundamentalists there. Many on the left decry abuse of animals, but abortion is sacrosanct. It would be unthinkable to consider that there might be an issue shredding a fetus that can feel and hear and see -- for the whole nine months of a pregnancy.

I seriously doubt Roe vs Wade will ever be repealed, as this woman warns (" ... if Bush is re-elected....")

I think she has little to worry about. I just wish the Fundamentalist Left would wake up and see their own hypocisy when it comes to labeling people with a different moral code than theirs as Self-Righteous Religous folks when they're no less self-righteous themselves.

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