Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Terrorism and Islam

Chechen rebels (I'm sure it will be verified) have taken about 150 school children hostage in Russia, threatening to kill "x" number of children for each "y" demand not met.

Targeting civilians to attain your goals makes you the lowest form of human being (actually, I don't even like using that term to describe this kind of homo sapiens). Targeting children makes you worse than that.

Are all Muslims terrorists? Absolutely not. I'm sure the vast majority of them are not, and most of those don't approve of it. I have moderate Islamic acquaintances. They seem like nice enough people. But I'm going to be politically incorrect here for a minute and put this topic out for discussion -- and its a discussion that Muslims need to have.

When you reverse that question... Are all terrorists Islamic? What's the answer?

Well, technically it's "no", but it's too close to "yes" to ignore the question. The Leftists will say that (once they get done with their faulty moral equivalencies about war in general) that WE cause it by oppressing and exploiting them (or supporting regimes that do). Of course, according to them America (and others, but especially America) exploits and oppresses people all over the world, leaving millions poor and frustrated with no other way to "fight back".

Let's suppose for argument's sake that that's true. Then there should be Christian terrorists in Central and South America then, and Buddhist and Hindu terrorists in the Far East, right? But there aren't any, by and large**. And I think it's legitimate to ask -- why not?

Does something in Islam provide something easily interpreted as justification for these acts? If so, Muslims around the world should either start questioning their beliefs, and if not..... if not, I'd like to not only hear a loud, strong, wild-eyed world-wide Islamic cry of "ENOUGH" to these people. Good Muslims should rat these people out, or take action themselves.

If they do not, and this kind of thing continues (and continue it will if they do not) people other than rednecks will come to see the whole religion as complicit, and when that happens ... and I ask this question to get everyone to think about it (including Muslims) what real choice will mankind have but to surgically remove it from humanity?

I'm not advocating this -- I just want people to think about the logical conclusion. If Islamists insist on trying to bring civilization down by terrorizing the world population, and the rest of the Muslim world stares at its feet and blows on its nails ... while the oppressed of other religions work with more humane and civilized means to fight their oppression -- then either we all become Islamists, or we just live with people killing us every day and "tolerate" them, or ....

Think about it.

Come on, Muslims. Time to get outraged with your alleged brethren. Let's hear it. Say it LOUD!

** There have been Christian terrorists of a sort in Ireland (we haven't heard from them in a while) but (and I'm not saying this is legitimate, just "less bad") they tended to target politicians and police rather than ordinary civilians.

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