Monday, September 20, 2004

Missing the point

Democrats who are bent on exposing Bush's Air National Guard "Fortunate Son" treatment -- whether or not it is true, are barking up the wrong tree.

As I've mentioned before, the beef over Kerry's war hero status stemmed from the fact that he chose to use it as the basis for his campaign at the DNC. So questions about it were relevant to that.

Bush has never used his military record as a central part of his campaign ... indeed, he hardly mentions it. And perhaps that is because he got preferential treatment -- perhaps not. Whatever the case, Bush doesn't consider his military service relevant to his campaign. Kerry does.

Let's not forget that Bush has had nothing but praise for Kerry's military record. The Kerry camp cried foul to Bush, not to the Swifties, when they came out with their ad campaign questioning how much of a hero Kerry was. I trust the Bush campaign will keep quiet unless strong evidence of corroboration between CBS, Burkett, and the Kerry campaign comes out. If anything, the Bush campaign should have words for CBS at this point. But I imagine they won't say much. They don't need to.

The Left, no matter who is responsible for Rathergate, has been shot in the foot with one of its own guns. It doesn't really matter who pulled the trigger.

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