Monday, September 27, 2004

Teresa Heinz-Kerry Strikes Again

"I wouldn't be surprised if [bin Laden] appeared in the next month", she quipped yesterday at a fundraiser -- once again hitting on the "Bush is an Evil, Manipulating, Lying Son-Of-a-Bitch" conspiracy theorist theme so popular with the Anybody But Bush crowd.

Of course, that directly contradicts the "Bush is a Bumbling Idiot: I Would Vote for a Single Celled Organism Before I Vote For Bush" theme which is also popular with the Anybody But Bush crowd.

This kind of irrational/hyper-rational thought permeates leftist rhetoric. (Oddly, it also permeates far right rhetoric as well -- but you have to get much farther to the right before you get to it. I've always said the two meet and shake hands around back.)

It does fit the leftist view that

  • America is bad
  • Especially Bush
  • It's all about the oil
  • Bush is evil
  • Bush is evil
  • Bush is evil
did we mention

  • Bush is EVIL????
Can anyone say "blinders"?

Vote for what's-his-name. No, not that what's-his-name. The one married to the Ketchup lady.

It's funny how ANYTHING Bush does can't possibly be motivated by doing what he thinks is right, but rather -- it MUST be for political gain. You know, people tend to think that everyone else thinks the same way they think. What would that say about the Left's motivation?

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