Friday, September 10, 2004

New Movie

Just watched a new documentary by Evan Coyne Maloney called Brainwashing 101. It will be appearing tomorrow at the American Film Renaissance Film Festival in Dallas, TX tomorrow afternoon.

Evan is an outspoken conservative who I've followed for over a year now. He is an amateur film maker who has made several short documentaries exposing the narrow-mindedness, inane-ness, and double-standards of the acvist left.

I know, "Left" and "Narrow-mindedness" are not supposed to go together. But since the Left's heyday in the 50's and 60's, things have changed. Leftism has become indoctrinated, and now it's basically a religion with dogma and everything.

Evan's lastest effort (Brainwashing 101) is not the light-hearted "let them make fools of themselves, all I have to stand back and run the camera" kind of work (effective as it was) In this film, Evan goes on the offense a bit more. It's more serious, and it needs to be.

Here Evan takes his camera to various college campuses and takes a look at Campus Censorship, political correctness, and the repression of conservative speech and ideas at these campuses. This is something everyone who has gone to college since 1980 or so has seen, and it has gotten worse and worse over the years.

Sure, colleges have long been bastions of liberal thought. However, liberal thought used to include the high standard of open and free speech and exchange of ideas between people with different philosophies. Oh, how times have changed.

Basically, hate speech and offensive behavior are ok if they are directed at campus conservatives, and the liberals get to define what constitutes hate speech and offensive behavior. Even after doing this, they don't apply their own rules equitably.

You can download the film and watch it (it's about 45 minutes, 80 megabytes) or you can order it. I recommend it, especially if you are a good liberal and routinely question your own ideas.

I have always found Evan's work to be well researched, fair-minded and civil, be it in his commentaries or films. This film is no exception. Evan is my kind of conservative. I have as little use for bandwagon, slogan-chanting "rightists" as I do for the much more common bandwagon, slogan-chanting leftists. Evan consistently stays above all of that.

Good luck to Evan, and I hope a lot of people either see or hear about this film.

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