Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's no fun...

bein' an illegal alien....

The BBC ran an article this morning from The Revealer (there's a smug, self-righteous name for you) -- a publication of New York University's Journalizum dept basically chastising America (The story ends with "God Bless America, indeed") for our dirty classist, racist ways.

They ramble over the familiar charges of racism -- stating that in Katrina's aftermath, blacks were called "looters" while whites "found things" -- will somebody point me to these widespread articles that are being cited showing a general American bias? I sure haven't seen any, and I read a lot.

Then they try, in typical Journo-rationalization fashion, to extend the race card to illegal Latino aliens.

Typical of the journalistic propensity to snatch oppression from the jaws of understanding and compassion, the article goes on to take the flexibility offered by the Department of Homeland Security's 45 day moritorium on fining employers who hire undocumented workers. The moritorium is clearly intended to allow for people who are here legally but lost their papers in the flood.

Then the article goes on to charge that it means we would be "sending" them into our cities (New Orleans, etc) to clean them up, then deport them when they are done -- a not-so-subtle charge, basically, of slavery.

These people aren't biased? Ha! Last time I checked, slavery meant that people were rounded up and forced to work for no compensation and were not free to leave. First of all, nobody's forcing anybody to do any labor. Illegal aliens were not forced to come here, they knew they were breaking the law to get here, and the ONLY reason Congress passed the moritorium on fining employees who hire undocumented workers was to protect people who are here legally but unfortunately can't prove it in a timely manner because their documents were destroyed by the storm and its aftermath.

God Bless America? Hell YES, God Bless America!!!

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