Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Evidence that Global Warming is not necessarily man made

For this one, Misha already put it about as well as can be, I'll expound a little bit from my own meteorological experience afterwards

Little Green Men & Their SUV's

Carbon dioxide deposits, for the non-chemically or scientifically inclined, is basically "dry ice". No dry ice exists here on earth out in nature -- we have to freeze carbon dioxide to get it. Nonetheless, if dry ice is evaporating on Mars ... that suggests "Global" warming on Mars, without the benefit of SUV's.

Could it POSSIBLY be that the same mechanism causing Global Warming on Mars just MIGHT be the same mechanism that, coincidence of coincidences, has been happening on Earth simultaneously for the last several hundred years?

Is it so hard to believe that fluctuations in the sun's output might cause fluctuations on the planets that orbit it? Only if your religion teaches you to believe that humans are the root of all evil.

Michael Mann Lied. Billions complied. (that's a joke, by the way -- I don't think he liked. He was just mistaken.)

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