Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thougts on another Leftist Myth

Apparently, China is making a bid to become the next Superpower. And apparently, its energy needs -- the need for Middle Eastern Oil, is a large driving factor in this bid.

Now I'd like to skip right on by the frightening things in this article to make another point.

In the Leftist world view, big American corporations -- escpecially oil corporations, are responsible for our dependence on oil. By buying influence in Congress and perhaps paying off the auto industry, they keep us from using or developing alternative energy sources and force us to buy gas guzzling cars. The Big, Bad Profit Motive is clearly to blame for our lack of alternative energy sources, right?

What about China?

If there were ever a clear case of government control of everything, China would be one. If China needs more energy and there are better ways of obtaining it than oil, the Chinese government can simply mandate that those sources be developed and utilized.

But apparently, it has not. There are no Western oil companies lobbying the Chinese, ahem, "congress" or Chairman to stop or hinder the process. Chinese oil companies are state-controlled.

So why isn't China turning in to the Solar/Wind-Powered Green Utopia that would exist but for the Evil American Corporations™?


Maybe the folks who say the technology just isn't there yet on the scale we need are --- right?

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