Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"They're All in Iraq"


Make a logically plausible claim to explain something you see, and most people will bite the hook and swallow it.

Example, how many times since Katrina hit have you heard "We don't have enough National Guard to take care of us at home because they're all in Iraq".

  1. We know National Guard units are being used abroad
  2. They make up a significant number of total deployed troops
  3. A significant part of the country was just hit by a big disaster that
  4. Didn't seem to get adequate assistance, according to many -- fast enough

Makes sense. Why ask why? Especially when it seems to fit your political world view.

Most people won't ask questions. Questions like, "well, how many National Guard Troops does the country have?" and "How many of them are overseas?" and "How many does that leave at home?" and "How many is enough?"

So let's take a look at the answers to some of those questions.

How many National Guard Troops does the country have?

About 440,000

How many are deployed overseas?

About 78,000 -- that's about 18% by my calculation -- although the Pentagon says 21%

How many does that leave at home?

Well, 82% -- that's 361,000 -- or 80% 352,000 -- take your pick.

How many is enough?

Interesting question. But first we must disclose that Louisiana and Mississippi have a larger percent of their National Guard troops deployed overseas than the national average.... 37% of Mississippi's, and 35% of Louisiana's.

So how many National Guard Troops did the State of Louisiana have to send down to the coast for Hurricane Katrina?

About 6,500. Is that enough? If it were all you had, would you send them? Governor Blanco wouldn't. Because she didn't. Would the 3,500 more overseas have made it enough? Was 6,500 as opposed to 10,000 enough of a difference not to send the 6,500 she had? What if she had the support of more from the Federal Government as she was offered on Friday in person by Bush himself? ... support she turned down, saying she needed 24 hours to decide.

(Gee, isn't 24 hours about how late the Federal Government is accused of being? -- If one didn't know better, one might get the impression that Blanco had political motives.... see how easy that is to do, Lefties? And I'm not even thinkin' hard.)

I know facts are generally inconvenient to the Left who prefer to be led by emotions. And people who are led by emotions are easily led indeed.

When the talking heads say "Blah .... blah...", do you say, "Baa .... baa?".

Bush has left us weak at home because "all of our national guard troops are in Iraq"? Easy to suggest. Much harder to make a case for when presented with the facts.

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