Monday, February 13, 2006

About the best commentary I've seen on the Cartoons

Apparently a few more newspapers are taking the correct side of the free speech issue regarding "the cartoons". In the comments section about the upcoming publication in the Canadian paper Western Standard, someone going by ET responds to the calls for the press' "restraint", "respect", and "common sense" thus:

Those cartoons are legitimate political (and social) questions. They are asking Muslims to explain the huge discrepency between their stated beliefs of their religion, and their actions. Those require explanation, so far, the Muslims refuse to engage in this dialogue.

You are accountable for what you do. Muslims are accountable for the violent attacks carried out by people, in the name of their religion. They have to explain, to us who are the recipients of these attacks - why they accept these actions. OR, OR, if they do not accept these actions, then, they have to loudly, very loudly, protest against those Muslims who are carrying out these actions. So far, - they are silent.

Respect? For what? For bombing commuter trains?
Respect? For what? For their vicious drawings of Jews and Christians?
Respect? For what? For their silence or their dancing in the streets when their suicide thugs bomb buses and trains and restaurants?

Common sense? To be silent while a fundamentalist group terrorizes you to silence, terrorizes you to submission, such that you cannot question, cannot critique, cannot dissent. Is that common sense - to be silent while these fundamental rights are being terrorized away from us?

Are we supposed to end up like those people in Iran and Syria, terrified of saying anything other than permitted by the mullahs - and beheaded by them if we ask a question?

Posted by: ET 11-Feb-06 9:00:32 AM


No indeed. This argument just needs to be repeated over and over like a Cluebat™ in response to the appeasers until everyone gets it.

Otherwise, everyone's gonna "get it".

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