Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Photos Surface

More photos of the moon have surfaced. As you may remember, the moon has been circling the Earth menacingly for billions of years, constantly shifting its position relative to the Earth. On occasion, it appears that there may be someone on the moon known as "The Man" who could be secretly spying on us from a distance.

Since the earth turns 360 degrees every day relative to the moon's position, The Man has the opportunity to spy on all of us, weather permitting.

It is very important that we publish these pictures as they provide more evidence that there is, in fact, a Moon. The Moon exists, and is in the gravitational pull of the Earth. Scientists say that the Moon will inevitably crash into the Earth someday, but the Bush administration denys that this is anything to worry about.

Many U.S. media outlets refuse to print the latest batch of pictures out of sensitivity to people who consider the Moon sacred. Some religions explicitly prohibit depicting the Moon in any form.

"There's no reason to publish the pictures", says Stanley Jihado, editor of the Mudville Times. "We can talk about the pictures without actually showing them to you. There's no actual need to see the pictures."

Ron Antiamericus of the Communist News Network disagrees. "People have the right to know. This is new evidence that the moon exists. We need to show these pictures so that people realize that it's out there, it's big, and it never stops. One day, its impact with the Earth could mean the extinction of the endangered three-finned silverfish native to small rainpuddles on the edges of the Peruvian Rainforest ... oh, and mankind as well. While pictures of the moon have been published before, these new photos give further evidence of its existence and potential to wipe out life on Earth as we know it. "

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