Sunday, February 05, 2006

Danish Embasies in Middle East being torched

In the daily barrage Christianity takes on this planet, you don't see death threats and buildings burning on their part. For sure, there's been the occasional crackpot. But you don't see these seething mobs.

But do something to piss Muslims off (which appears to be rather easy to do), look out! Millions of them will go Medieval on you and start destroying things, even killing people.

I know, I know... not all Muslims are like this. Not even most of them. But as I've said before, those more moderate ones are not nearly loud enough, nor strong enough, nor full of enough conviction and perseverance in their tepid and infrequent and qualified condemnations.

This is a problem.

Fee speech means people get to speak their minds and opinions. If a cartoon offends you, it's either a lie, a misunderstanding -- or you need to do some introspection and ask yourself why others see you that way and what you can do about it.

Get with the 17th century!

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