Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some moderate voices?

I have a new link on the sidebar. FreeMuslims.Org . I'm glad to see a group of Muslims organizing under a banner of enlightenment and living peacefully with people of various faiths in a free world. Welcome to my sidebar.

On that note, here's another good comment by an Egyptian blogger.

See ladies and gentlemen, this is what's drawing this region backwards into the abyss of stupidity and irrationality. We invoke religion in everything. We see everything through the prism of religion. Our false religiosity that lacks the power of our God-given mind has crippled our ability to rationalize and make sound judgements and come up with reasonable conclusions. Katrina becomes God's judgement on America while Pakistan's earth quake had killed far more people. The Tsunami becomes God's punishment for the sex industry in Thailand while most of the dead were Muslim Indonesians. The US invasion of Iraq becomes America's war on Islam while the ones who are ramming suicide car bombs into Shia mosques are fellow Sunnis. And the list goes on and on.

We have our own religious and political zealot nuts over here who blame Katrina on some alleged wrong-doing of our society -- and believe me, our society has plenty of them which I'd like to see exorcised. But it is a part of the price of being allowed to believe what you will and say what you will.

Anyway, Big Pharoh's post and blogs like it (see his blog links) in general are a glimmer of hope.

I have to wonder -- not seeing much from our own western MSM actually COVERING the views of moderate Muslims -- all we get is their smug ascertations that most Muslims are more moderate in their views. It's nice to see some evidence that at least some of them are.

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