Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Michelle gets 'em again

Another hat tip to Michelle Malkin, who -- once again, I can't improve on. So I'll just send you there: The Question Everyone's Asking

The same people who, out of deference to Muslim sensibilites and a wish not to provoke Muslims don't have any problem dredging up more pictures from a two-year-old scandal and publishing those images. Nope.

See, these images will hurt Bush, and no one will threaten them over publishing them. They'll just riot and kill others. So... go with them.

Useful idiots. CNN. Washington Post. Reuters.

Here's the kicker from the Reuters "story":

While some of the photographs are similar to the images made public two years ago, the latest photographs apparently reveal further abuse including new incidents of killing, torture and sexual humiliation.
Pretty clumsy, bumbling excuse for trying to make old news new news. Funny, it comes just as people are starting to realize that the Muslim reaction over the cartoons is actually backfiring on both the Muslim world and the press which refuses to publish them "in the name of decency and respect." Coincidence?

Note the wording. "New incidents of killing, torture...." -- no, no new incidents. Perhaps old incidents that everyone didn't know about. But this is nothing new. This is not news.

But, but, you're forgetting... West BAD!!!! Anti-West GOOD!!!! Our carefully crafted propaganda campaign, going down the tubes!!!! Aiiiiiieeeeee!!!!

The intent, of course, is to imply that this is America's SO, and that it must still be going on under BushHitlerHalliburton.


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