Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another Fake Bin Laden Tape

Bin Laden is dead. At least that's what I believe, and I've believed it for a couple of years. My main evidence is that the media whore hasn't shown his face since -- well in at least a couple of years. The ultimate slap in the face to the U.S. and other allies would be to show his face and prove that he is alive -- but he does not. This can only be because he cannot. And "he cannot" -- not because the means to get such things out from caves in Pakistan or Afghanistan are not available. He cannot because the means to get such things out when you're dead are unavailable. Unless Allah is truly on his side. Which he apparently isn't, because ... where's the beef, man?

So I'm parusing through this story on the fake Bin Laden tape where the fake Bin Laden (FBL) once again talks about the "Zionist-crusader war against Islam".

Well, let's see, what FBL calls Islam has declared war on "The West", which consists of what he calls Zionists and Crusaders... so it stands to reason that the people he describes, if they are to fight back, must be waging a war on what he calls Islam. Ok. Fine, Fake Bin Laden. What's your point? It actually seems pretty reflexive to me.

Of course, FBL's point is that he wants to rile up those who feel, or at least publicly declare, that what FBL calls Islam is not, in fact, Islam -- so that they'll join his fight. If he can get them to believe that America et al wants to kill and enslave them, they will fall in line with what FBL calls Islam. Which is kind of Ironic, because FBL's Islam pretty much calls for the killing and/or enslaving of the entire non-Muslim world, and they've started doing things like flying planes into buildings and blowing themselves up in restaurants and discos, ramming boats full of explosives into other boats, trucks full of explosives into embassies, and kidnapping people and sawing their heads off and videotaping it for the world to see to make it happen. And the rest of Islam lifts nary a finger to stop it. Which makes the rest of Islam ... a defacto accessory to the war.

So Islam declares war on the West. The parts of the West with any cajones remaining declares war on Islam, with one hand self-tied behind it's back so as to avoid, if at all possible, actually killing people who aren't actively fighting them even if they aren't against the enemy and harbor some sympathy for him. I fail to see why that should send any of the west running for sack cloth, tails between legs.

Of course it's not a war on terror. As Dan Simmons points out in his April, 2006 message, declaring war on terror in 2001 would be like declaring war on aviation in 1941. You don't declare war on a tactic. You declare war on people. What people have declared war on the West?
People who say they are Muslims have, that's who, and that Allah justifies their actions. The rest of Islam is, for all practical purposes, silent except to say "don't blame us!!!"

There is also plenty of evidence, if you care to read past the CAIR's carefully chosen and edited Koran verses, that Islam not only allows ample justification for Islam's War on Everything Not Islamic, it actually demands it.

The rest of Islam may not be waging the war, but they perpetuate a friendly climate for the one FBL and Friends are waging. Think of Muslims as gasoline (no, the irony isn't lost on me), and FBL's and his buddy's groups as part of that gasoline which is actually aflame. The rest of the gasoline is not actually on fire (yet), but it is a favorable environment for that fire to spread over. It feels a kinship and an obligation to it, and will not stand in its way -- even get caught up in the flame front as it sweeps through. As Christians are more amenable to Christian ideals, even more extreme ones, Buddhists more amenable to Buddhist ideals -- you get the picture; so are Muslims more amenable to Islamic ideals. Spread them all over the world, light a match... and see what happens. That's what OBL et al started. It's what FBL is trying to continue.

FBL's war is far closer to a "Crusade" against the West than the West's fight back against it, which is more like begrudging self-defense.

So that's pretty much it for that. Not to wage war back on that which wages war on you is either slavery or suicide, take your pick. So we have a war on Islam, but only because Islam insists upon it and we must fight back.

FBL apparently also said that the the West's cutting funding to the Palestinian government since Hamas won the Palestinan elections was further proof of an anti-Islamic campaign.

Well, it's not, but since it shoudln't need proof anyway, it's kind of moot. Imagine a little boy running up to his sister, slapping her in the face -- and when she punches him back the little boy screams "She is fighting me!" Yeah? Duh! You get no sympathy for me.

Then I made the mistake of going and looking in the comments, where one person talks about "the only acceptable democracy is one imposed by America and its allies", in self-congratulatory leftist agreement with FBL's QED above.

Of course, the first thing I'm thinking of is, uh, no ... but if we feel that a democratically elected party government having as its chief reason for existence the annihilation of one of our friends and that they further use tactics that are unnaceptable to anyone in the civilized world ... we might just have a teensy-weensy problem handing them money.

"Hey, John, I know you're friends with your neighbor and all, but I'm going to try to blow up his house with him and his family in it. I'm taking donations, and you're a big fat meanie for not giving any to me because, well, you gave it to my family before and my family elected me to represent them."


Then there was the confounding smattering of "reality" based folks whose only problem with Bin Laden was that he keeps the TRUE evil person, G.W. Bush in power. They expect people to take them seriously, because they only hang around people who take them seriously. Seriously, you ought to walk in on one of these pow-wows some time. The Daily Kos... The Huffington Post... to name a couple. And the tinfoil brigade shows up here as well.
Anyone with an ounce of intelligence is aware of the fact that Bin Laden was a creation of the CIA. They used him as a figurehead to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Close family associates of Bin Laden were meeting with Bush snr on 9/11. Please people of the world wake up to the bogus and utterly contrived 'war on terror'. It is being used to remove our basic freedoms and justify the mad scramble for the world's dwindling energy resources.
These people need to go back to sleep as it appears their only reason for existence is to parrot what they hear from people they think are intellectual and in possesion of some obscure knowledge of which they are one of the few chosen and sainted few who have the brain capacity to comprehend in a never ending feedback cycle of baseless ego massage.

Fortunately, these days on this BBC story -- comments seem to be, on the whole, much more sane that some of the cow-mire buckets of screed I've seen in the past, with some really to-the-point ones like:

"We're used to hearing him issuing threats to everybody with the audacity to
be western."
and this one

"Until I read the latest Bin Laden message, I was somewhat indifferent to this war on terrorism. But his message on Sudan has convinced me that he is the very embodiment of all that is evil. In addition, I think the man is a racist, given the way he views non-Arab and non-Muslim Sudanese.

His message is very clear: he is a crusader who doesn't care about human lives, including the lives of the ignorant youth who follow him blindly."

Like I said, I think the man is dead. His movement lives on, though -- but its not happy about the conditions, and its getting more and more desparate.

Personally, I vote we keep up the pressure on these worms.

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