Sunday, April 02, 2006

Update on Jill Carol

It looks like my hunch was at least partially right. Her words were carefully chosen to protect hostages -- but in this case "hostages" referrs to her. See, the slimebags interviewed her before she was released, telling her it wouldn't be aired -- so she was still in (understandable) fear for her life when she made those statements. And of course, moralless bastards that they are, it was all calculated because they knew that their "interview" would be the first people would see, the "scoop" -- their chance to spin the whole affair.

I thank Jill for correcting the record once she was out of harm's way.

The good news is what this means between the lines. Apparently the kidnappers understand that this strategy is backfiring on them. They knew they needed to release her and they wanted to save some face by having her tell everyone it was all tea and crumpets and watching pairs figure skating on a comfy couch (in a cramped room).

Good life and good luck to you Jill. We are all happy the throat-slitters apparently found it not in their best interest and you are back doing what you do.

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