Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bob Parks Weighs in on Illegal Immigrants

I love Bob Park's stuff. Matter of fact, I just may give him the honor of a sidebar link here in a bit. Anyway, here's his latest weigh-in on the illegal immigration issue.

In response to the idea of a "National Day Without (illegal) Immigrants", he passes along this gem a counter to the masses of illegals protesting in American cities, shutting down commerce in a “f*ck you” to we, the law abiding, Sher Zieve threw out a suggestion that has taken on a life of its own. In part she wrote, “…I think it’s time that we
actual-and-verifiable citizens took to the streets- or just stayed home - to show our Senators how a “National Day Without Citizens” would impact the country. There are more of us than there are “them”. Immigration (that’s legal immigration) is not a right. It’s a privilege….”
I love it.

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