Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Right Brothers

I surfed upon a link the other day to The Right Brothers. Apparently they're famous for the song "Bush Was Right" -- which I gave a listen to. It was interesting enough for me to look further.

It's conservative-friendly issue-based music. The songwriting is bent very sharply toward articulating their message and the lyrics can get slightly awkward at times, but it can actually get quite brilliant in places. They make no apologies for it, and they shouldn't because basically to them the message is more important than the music, and by God, it is their music. It's fun.

My favorite piece is their response to the tons of hate mail they've gotten from lefties called "What About the Issues?" Normally a group with a decidedly country sound, they chose to do this one in a Green Day-esque style (no accident I'm sure considering the target of the song) and it comes together real well.

About my favorite line of all is
"Duck... here comes the F-bomb once again
Is that the only word that fit?
Oh, I forgot you also used bleep! and bleep! and bleep!"

I really love it when it all comes together like that.

Other favorites of mine would be "Tolerate This" where they take on the intolerance of the "tolerant" Left, and for similar reasons "If You Ain't Outraged" where they take a famous leftie slogan and turn it right back around on them. Their first piece "Hey Hollywood" is dead on for a lot of us. "What Happened to the Pot?" -- at first I thought maybe it was a sendup of "duude, if you ain't outraged, man.... " culture, but no, it's about the Melting Pot that multi-culturalism is doing its best to get rid of. And I guess their latest, "The Illegals" just comes out and says it... I mean, it sounds kind of stupid because it's so simple -- but it's so simple, and that's what they're pointing out -- so it actually works. I mean, there it is. Argue with that!
Tell me why we allow the illegals
After all, they're illegal
Tell me why we allow the illegals
To keep on comin' in

Sometimes getting too creative with the lyrics can unneccesarily obfuscate the issue. :-)

And finally, I'll mention "The Waffle House", a song about a President Kerry nightmare, where my favorite line is:

Cause I believe we absolutely ought to sometimes never change what we believe without a doubt -- Welcome to the Waffle House.
Hey, I won't say I'm 100% behind 100% of their beliefs on all of the issues. But... I'm on board with their general message. I can tolerate our few differences.

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