Monday, April 24, 2006

Earth Day Taken Over by Evil Capitalist Pigs

A friend sent me a link to this article on Earth Day, an event even I have been sucked in to from time to time -- after all, I consider myself an environmentalist. Who wants a polluted planet? My take is that even most evil capitalist pigs do not.

Anyway, I had to laugh -- the article didn't even mention that the takeover was Bush's fault until the 5th paragraph. They're slipping. It's probably because FrontPage isn't the Left, it's just quoting the Left in this article.

Then I found this quote amusing (and revealing) :

"They will frame the issue saying that corporate interests are working on the technological fixes that will allow Americans to continue to drive their Hummers."

Here they expose the real agenda, probably without even realizing it -- as most of the celebrators probably don't really know the underlying theology philosophy of The Day. See, it's not really about the environment at all, it's about capitalism. The problem isn't what Hummers do to the environment, what they object to is the existence of Hummers themselves and the capitalism and technology they represent. The solution is not to invent ways to make Hummers pollute less, the solution is to get rid of Hummers and the evil capitalist pigs they represent.

To the Socialist Greens, the word "Corporate" itself is a curseword, enunciated with venom and a spit of disgust. Quick, somebody tell them that's a Jewish gesture. ;-)

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